Anti heroes (The Suicide squad)

Hot explosive

Eau de parfum – 100ml

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Suicide Squad perfume is an explosive mix. The scent of super villains… not that bad after all. Its spicy notes reflect its personality well. It has a little peppery side to it, a bit like the character of the characters in The suicide Squad. These super villains are not, however, hateful. They too want to save the world, but in their own way.

With its notes both fruity and dark, this mixed, spicy and very original fragrance is perfect for an evening where you do not want to go unnoticed.

Pourquoi tu le portes ?

You don't fit into any mold, you have a very endearing badass side, because after all, you're not as bad as it seems. You are just a little offbeat. And you too have a mission. That of a hero apart who, beneath his "badass" air, hides a heart as big as that. This perfume is you! Like you, he is different and we notice it.

Pyramide olfactive

Notes de tête

Pour réveiller ton caractère

Black pepper, Pink berry CO2 and natural bergamot, Apple

A mixture that invades the senses, spicy and spicy that revives the emotions

Notes de coeur

Pour marquer ta personnalité

Ginger, Nutmeg, Absolute incense and natural Labdanum absolut

Unchained and frenzied fragrances, like the characters of the Suicide Squad

Notes de fond

Pour laisser une trace inoubliable

Cedarwood, Musk, Sandalwood, Patchouli

Smoother scents for endorphin that follows the adrenaline of clashes



The Suicide squad

Most Notable Members

Slipknot, Killer Croc, Katana, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomrang, El Diablo…

Super- power

In addition to their strength, their shooting skills, the mastery of fire or knives, it is above all their temerity that is envied by them.


Ex-criminals or quite normal people, they put their madness and their at least… extreme talents at the service of suicide missions. In short, seriously marginalized patients who have nothing more to lose.

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Conçus et fabriqués en France

Envoi 24/48h

Livraison gratuite

Paiement sécurisé